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Backyard Without Grass | The first experience I had building a hen house was when I was much younger. I was known inside my family as the chicken catcher, because I would chase the chickens around until these were too tired to operate from me anymore. I had much more patience than anyone else inside my family, as well as more energy. So automatically, I became the main one accountable for taking care of your family chickens.

Before I had built the hen house, we may keep your chickens in the barn. During the morning they might roam around the farm yard. At the end of the morning a lot of the chickens would wander back in the barn, but there were always the few stragglers that would end up in trouble. It was my job to round them up. A lot of times chickens would certainly disappear at the same time. This was usually due to natural predators trying to find a snack. That is when I decided that building a hen house was necessary.

I started off without any type of hen house designs. I just figured I would grab a number of the old spare wood that was always scattered about and build a frame of some type with chicken wire around it. The first attempt was crude however it was very practical. Later I built a chicken house to the chickens to put eggs in. This was really when I realized just how much easier it was making playing. I spent a shorter time caught chasing chickens and much more time doing the points I wanted to do. I found that gathering the eggs was a lot less hassle at the same time. My mother began expecting a regular delivery of eggs, where by before we had been just happy to gather up a number of occasionally to have in the morning. We actually started having more eggs compared to what we actually needed, therefore we started to share them our relatives and neighbors.