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Fortunoff Backyard Store | A lot of people increasingly becoming hooked in having an outdoor coop, even city dwellers increasingly becoming interested. Others genuinely wish to have a coop so bad but they just do not know how to work using a coop inside city. First you have to deal with the limited amount of space that you have and second you have to find out about certain laws or rules in your town regarding urban hen house.

Since the very first thing you have to deal with is limited space, obviously you are stuck using a smaller sized chicken house. Don’t bother taking a look at palatial coops anymore when you really need huge space in your yard thinking of experiencing one. An urban hen house is usually small. Always remember that you’ll never have too many chickens in a small coop. You probably just have 3 to 5 chickens. Make sure you plenty of room to still develop a chicken run. Your chickens’ safety is crucial.

Another problem that you might encounter with an urban hen house could be the exact location in which you will place it. Chickens need a ton of sunlight to live, grow and lay eggs and you have to position the coop where it’ll get yourself a lot of sunlight. If you simply have one vacant spot in your backyard however it doesn’t get yourself a lot of sunlight then consider investing on good artificial lighting.

Look for chicken pen designs which can be ideal for urban living. It’s always better to make your own chicken house and build it according to your requirements than spend your money on expensive pre built chicken coops.